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Well, you need tools in order to program - sure thing. But what tools? It would sure be nice if the likes of Linus Torwalds and Alan Cox would enlighten us humble servants what bloody tools they are using. I would value this as a quality sign for the tool.
If I remember correctly Alan Cox uses (X)Emacs as his IDE (Integrated developer environment) - to write the code, compile it and then debug it ;-) . If you trust his decision or if you simply want to see what the beast is: head over to the xemacs section.
Alan might use xemacs, but the firm he works for (being redhat at the moment) also has a nice IDE offer: SourceNavigator
They got that when they aquired Cygwin (bought them) and now share it with you - for free if you look hard enough - over on their website. And the nice thing is: They also make it available for Win! One IDE for both worlds! So, go to the sourcenavigator section and take a look!
There is another IDE in the linux world: kdevelop. Well, what shall I say: Used it about a year ago, when I knew nothing about programming at all. So I really can't say something first hand about it. But what I heard and read it sounds like a good, solid and nice tool. Check out their site, I'll write something if I use it.
OK, IDE's are nice thingies, but sometimes you need to use the lowlevel tools they build upon: the likes of gcc, ld, make and friends. I don't know much about them myself but but the little I know I'd like to share with you (how about you do the same with me, I still don't know shit about linking and stuff). So, check out the other sections that popped up..

A general overview of getting started with programming for linux using GNU tools.
OK, thought about it and came up with the following list that I try to cover (most of the things are still to-do, so if you can say something about some tool let me know):
    Tools for writing code. Some of these are IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) in which you write code, compile it and even debug it:
  • XEmacs
  • SourceNavigator
  • Kdevelop
  • vim
  • Nedit(?)
  • jed
  • mcedit (A'rpis choice of mplayer fame)
  • codeguide
  • netbeans, a java ide
  • eclipse, an ide from ibm
  • zoinks
  • GNU Emacs page at gnu.org
  • Tcl/Tk Project Manager is a full IDE for programming in Tcl/Tk
  • Wing IDE is an IDE for Python and mixed language development (not GPL)
  • DrJava is an integrated Java development environment
  • Jabberwocky is a LISP IDE (the weird and wild stuff ;-)
  • SciTE, a free source code editor for Win32 and X
  • anjuta
  • BlueJ is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching
  • DiaSCE is a C/C++ code editor for GNOME
  • Jext is a powerful 100% pure Java programmer's text editor
  • Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, like Visual Basic(TM)
  • J (wasn't that Will Smith in MIB?) is a text editor written entirely in Java
  • hypersrc is a GTK+/GNOME program for browsing source code
  • TIA is an ncurses-based console IDE for GCC, G++, Java, and GNAT (Ada 95)
  • Motor is a text-mode integrated programming environment for Linux
  • a
Here a comment from kernelnewbies.org concerning IDEs. Really worth the short read.
    Tools for compiling your last piece of art (umm, kinda):
  • gcc
  • icc
  • ld
  • perl(?)
  • bash(?)

Not necessarily will I cover the items in their order (some items have already been covered, probably only partial). The most intersting for me at the moment are cvs and autoconf, so these might get covered next.

Links to sites that contain linklists themselves:
Linux Links - The Linux Portal: Software/Programming/Development/Tools/Miscellaneous
Linux Directory - Everything and Anything for Linux!
Getting Started with Programming for Linux using GNU Tools
The Unix Programming Resources Page
A linuxjournal issue concerning Program Development
A forum for linux programming beginners.


4.11.2002: Loooootsa new links I gathered over time
10.6.2002: Added ddd -Robos
1.1.2001: Found something really interesting for xemacs -Robos
29.11.2001: Added the list of things to cover, this page needs some strukture now (todo) -Robos
18.11.2001: Eerm, lets forget about the epic for a sec, maybe later I will continue that. But I started the gcc section! Take a look -Robos
28.3.2001: Yep. It has begun: the epic is starting! How to tame the beast: Xemacs!
16.3.2001: Uups, nearly forgot to write something about the tools you need (or wanna use) to program under linux....

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