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Hmm, SourceNavigator.
What to write about it: Well, it's nice looking, at least for someone like me who hasn't seen much of IDEs in the bad parallel world, also called Windohs. But the little I've seen of VisualC++ looked pretty similar to SourceNavigator. Thats look. How far the things under the hood compare I can't tell. If you are using debian testing, take a look, it's included! (sourcenav or something).
So, here are some screenshots (hope nobody at redhat feels pissed off but I didn't find any screenshots at their place):
Symbols Window (seperate one)
Main Window - Edit-Part
Main Window - Hierarchy-Part
Main Window - Class-Part
Main Window - Xref-Part
Main Window - Include-Part
Main Window - Retriever-Part
Main Window - Grep-Part
Since I'm a newbie when it comes to programming myself I don't know shit what hierarchy, class, xref and retriever are about, but include is pretty obvious and grep I know from command line ;-).
So, if you worked more with it than me, why not tell me what these thingies are about? - Robos


18.11.2001: This page here sprung into life, but only locally since my internet-connection seems to make some troubles :( I want my adsl back!

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