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Since now the site can be called "up" here's my review of "The C-programming-language"../ by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. I, and most other people, refer to this book simply as K&R.
I read it some time ago (2 months or so) in german but I think the strukture is the same for the english version. The german version has like 275 pages and costs something around 70 DM (roughly US$32, that's calculated, US$40 at amazon.com). The first chapter is really good, since they name quite a lot of the functions and illustrate them in good examples. Quite a lot to learn there. Then they go into more depth on single parts in the following chapters which is - in my opinion - sometimes pretty hard to understand. Also the examples they give there are somewhat complicated, what has the advantage that if you understand them you will probably understand everything else since it's easier (not really but sometimes you get the impression that's what they intended). After biting through these chapters they have a chapter that deals with how to handle C under Unix. Thats kinda nice. After that in the appendix A they discribe the language in command syntax. Simply hardcore but a very good reference. In appendix B they describe the standard libraries you have to use. That part is a little to command syntax like for my liking since it brought me to the point to set up this page in order to understand how to use them. Thats the book in short form, sorry that I can't say more but a) I can't summarize that well and b) it's some time since I read it and I've read some other books since then. (Think you could do it better? Well, probably you can! So go ahead, modify my crap or write something yourself! My email address is there under crew). All in all I'd say the book is good as a referece but for a beginner in either C or even programming at all the book is a little to hardcore. -Robos


29.3.2001: Wrote that review of Kernighan & Ritchie above -Robos
13.3.2001: Nothing new...but at least this page came to live...

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